Telenav Delivers Dynamic Driving Experience to Owners of New Jeep Grand Commander, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, and Compass Models in China

July 2, 2018

SHANGHAI, China, July 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telenav, Inc. (NASDAQ:TNAV), a leading provider of connected car and location-based platform services, has announced its embedded navigation solution is part of the Uconnect® system available in the recently launched 2018 Jeep® Grand Commander, a new entry in the Chinese mid-size SUV market. Telenav embedded navigation is also included in the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which had its China launch in August of last year and will be included in Jeep Cherokee and Compass when they debut in China by year’s end.

The fully embedded Telenav navigation system provides a highly dynamic, relevant, and useful navigation experience. Users will gain access to a variety of new navigation features made possible through Telenav's technologies. Key features include:

  • Intelligent Onebox Search: Users will no longer be required to enter street number, street name, city and province into multiple fields. With the Onebox search feature, drivers can simply enter addresses into a simplified search box, which also provides smart auto-complete, Pinyin and handwriting input, and auto-suggestion functionality for faster searches.
  • Multi-Touch Maps: Users can interact with map data by using zoom, pan, pinch and swipe motions, mimicking the familiar mobile interfaces that users are comfortable with.
  • Fully Interactive, Moving 2D and 3D Roadmaps: Users can see their current location and nearby streets with accurate, moving maps viewable in 2D or 3D with zoom in and out options.
  • 3D City Models: With the updated user interface, users can view 3D city models of buildings and major landmarks, creating an improved user experience that’s ideal for travel.
  • Dynamic Junction View: Dynamic junction view shows a photo-realistic picture of the junction or intersection, so the driver can easily maneuver complex junctions.
  • Real-time traffic: allows for course correction on the fly, getting drivers to their destinations more quickly.

“Our expansion in China demonstrates continued positive momentum for Telenav,” commented Hassan Wahla, co-president of the Telenav Automotive Business Unit. “We are pleased to provide Jeep drivers in China access to easy-to-use, localized, reliable, and always-available navigation.”

“The Telenav embedded navigation solution with its various enhancements are ideally suited to the challenging driving environment in China,” said Roger C. Lanctot, director automotive connected mobility for Strategy Analytics. “Our user experience research has consistently shown Chinese consumers using both mobile and aftermarket navigation devices to cope. Jeep is seeking, with the Telenav/Uconnect offer, to provide a mobile-like experience from the in-dash system.”

Telenav’s association with FCA China continues the company’s push into the international automotive market, helping to position it as a leading provider of location-based platform services in the connected car sector.

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